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little bird brand by Jamie Oliver's wife, Jools) as well as car seats in which they run a fitting service. It was formed as long ago as 1961. It has become the parent company of ELC - the Early Learning Centre - since taking them over in 2007. On the website you can find the location of the nearest Mothercare store. There carry such brands as Silver Cross and Bugaboo (which both manufacture prams), though so do many retailers. There is also a delivery and furniture assembly service. Although the brand may be thought dated by some, there is still a Mothercare UK app which contains a to-do list for parents to be. You can download a catalogue on Mothercare website, It is also possible to pick up several Mothercare offers such as discount codes online.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call Mothercare directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Mothercare DepartmentContact Number
Mothercare Head Office0344 875 5222
Mothercare Customer Services0344 875 5222
Mothercare Merryhill0344 875 5222
Mothercare Bluewater0344 875 5222
Mothercare Edmonton0344 875 5222
Mothercare Ipswich0344 875 5222
Mothercare Orders0344 875 5222
Mothercare Complaints0344 875 5222
Mothercare delivery0344 875 5222
Mothercare Hull0344 875 5222
Mothercare Hull0344 875 5222
Mothercare Portmouth0344 875 5222
Mothercare Ancoats0344 875 5222
Mothercare Baby Plan0344 875 5222
Mothercare returns0344 875 5222

How do I contact Mothercare?

Well if you have a problem with your local Mothercare store (such as someone who recently posted on Mumsnet who complained about the state of the conveniences) the first stop is undoubtedly the Mothercare UK store in question. The same thing probably applies if you have a problem with anything purchased at Mothercare, or with the delivery or the assembly service. After all it is usually better to give your local shop a chance before resorting to Mothercare customer services.
If they are unable to help you, or you didn't buy the item in a physical store, maybe you can try the help pages on their website, where (according their statistics) apparently 4 in 5 people find what the answer they are looking for. 
You can also phone them on 0344 875 5222. You are able to use the Mothercare contact number between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm Saturday as well as 9am to 5pm Sunday. The Mothercare phone number costs about the same as a national rate call.  
You can also fill in a Mothercare customer services contact form Here or email Mothercare's CEO - that is, Chief Executive Officer - who is currently Mark Newton-Jones at
In addition to the Mothercare helpline you can also write a letter. The address is: Customer Care, Mothercare, Cherry Tree Rd, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD24 6SH. Since many people have reported that Mothercare customer services do not that respond quickly to emails you may be better off writing to them but again they still may be slow to reply!
You can also tweet @mothercarehelp or contact them via Facebook at

​Calling Mothercare customer services

It is a good idea to keep records of all letters you send and phone calls you make, whether to the local store or to the Mothercare helpline, so that you can keep tabs on your complaint. Of course records of emails are kept anyway, but it might be as well to find some way to highlight them or maybe print them out? Make sure you save this page too so if you need to use the Mothercare contact number again it is within easy access.
It is usual to receive vouchers for com plaints, rather than monetary compensation. The company after all wants you to continue to use their services. If you do not wish to receive vouchers, it is probably best to tell them straightaway in your complaint. 
As established it is notoriously tricky to get a response from the Mothercare helpline or whatever, maybe you might get somewhere approaching the brand that produced the item? They would want to keep their customers they obtain through Mothercare satified, after all. You might also approach the local press or even the national press, depending on the circumstances.
On a follow-up to the notes above a contact for Silver Cross can be found Here and Bugaboo Here.

​Advice on phoning Mothercare UK

It should be noted that with any complaint it is best to stand your ground rather than just angry. Angry people tend to be simply be blocked or ignored. The problem is that things can heated quickly when it concerns babies and young children, especially as customers talk about problems with collapsing prams and car seats not fit for purpose. Maybe the solution is to get someone to phone on your behalf if you feel that you will flair up on the phone? 
Not all problems are that tricky though, so it is to be hoped that a slight mix up or complication such as a lost item or a cot bed misadvertised (again examples of which can be seen online) would be sorted quickly and peacefully. We don't like complaining but with shoddy customer service it is what we should be always be doing.  
Neither the author of the article or the website is connected to Mothercare PLC or any connected company.

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